Why complete an identity Check?

The Identity check we offer is a crucial starting point to a comprehensive screening process. If an applicant provided false details this could result in an inaccurate report on the candidate.

This is usually done by and applicant in an effect to hide the true history of an individual.

About the check?

We use a number of private and public records in order to identify an individuals identity

What is Checked?

  • - Name and Address
  • - Confirm Phone Numbers
  • - Verify other Occupants
  • - Any Court Judgments
  • - Verify Date of Birth
  • - Alive or Dead Status
  • - Registered Insolvent

Turnaround time?

The identify check we offer is completed within 24hrs

Example Report?

Please click on the report to see an example of the report that will be received.

Identity Check Sample Report

What services are offered?

The service we include:

- Identity Check

- All Cost only £7 (VAT Inclusive)

The above cost is on an individual check basis, if you require a bulk service please look at the pricing page or contact us.

If you wish to apply for individual Employment checks please complete the form below.

Individuals can use this form to apply for their own check.

Identity Check
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