What is a DVLA Check?

The DVLA licence check is vital for any role that the candidate will be driving or operating a motor vehicle while representing your company.

This will show the following:

- If a candidate holds a valid driving licence.

- What vehicle category they can operate.

- Any motoring convictions currently held on the licence.

Turnaround Time?

The processing time for the DVLA check is 24 hrs

Example Report?

Please click on the report to see an example of the report that will be received.

DVLA Check Sample Report

What services are offered?

The service we include:

- DVLA Check

- All Cost only £8 (VAT Inclusive)

The above cost is on an individual check basis, if you require a bulk service please look at the pricing page or contact us.

If you wish to apply for individual Employment checks please complete the form below.

Individuals can use this form to apply for their own check.

DVLA check
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