Terms & Conditions

Check Solutions Terms & Conditions The ‘Applicant’ means the individual’s details used in any application completed and has agreed to have the service / Check completed on them. The ‘User’ means the individual that is completing / Asking for the service / check. The user must already have permission from the applicant to handle their data. The “Service” means the product that is purchased on our site by the “User”. “Authenticate” means to confirm the applicant’s identity and current home address beyond reasonable doubt. ‘Secure’ a site that encrypts data. In the essay writing site event of any third party accessing the data, it is unrecognisable. ‘Us’ or ‘We’ will refer to Check Solutions and the employees that work for the company. “Merchant” is to refer to the company used to process payments securely through the site.


User data is kept on a secure server which Check Solutions will access for the sole purposes of carrying out the service purchased by the “User”. Completing an application, you will be agreeing for us to access your data, sending it on to any 3rd party that is used to assist with any part of the service/check. It is the Users sole responsibility to have permission from the applicant before completing the online application.


The service we provide is an administrative solutions to help inform and guide employers / “Users” We communicate our findings in the form of our own reports which we have created from the information obtained, either through ourselves or 3rd parties.

We scrutinise the data, collaborate information to achieve the service / check agreed, Some checks have to be carried out by additional parties, by using our service you agree to the data supplied being sent on to the additional parties.

By agreeing to the Terms & Conditions in this transcript, the “user” is agreeing to pay for the Check solutions up front for the services / checks agreed.

Money Back Guarantee / Cancelling any applications

We offer a full money back guarantee on our fee if you are not 100% satisfied, subject to merchant and admin costs being deducted, in some cases this can be up to £10, However In many cases we will aim and be able to offer a full refund with no admin charge.


Payments are processed securely through the merchant stripe, We do this to write my essay for me offer an additional layer of security. If a refund is requested this can take between 5 and 10 days to be returned to the “Users” account.

Refunds can only be returned to the card details used when making the application and can not be returned using any other method and can not be processed any faster than allowed by the merchant.

Exclusion of Liability Check Solutions does not accept liability for any loss or damages suffered of using our “Service” finical or otherwise if a 3rd party provider have negatively effected the service we provide.